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Wrongful Death

The wrongful death of a loved one is an emotionally charged and overwhelming experience. Your grief may be compounded by the fact that your family member died as the result of the negligent actions of another.

Family members, frequently still grieving the loss, are often left wondering if there is anything they can do to seek justice. Our dedicated and compassionate staff at Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze, P.A. strives to help clients understand their rights and the possibilities of filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful death is a term that refers to a death that occurs as the result of the careless or negligent act of another person or party. An attorney at our firm can take the time to educate you on the specific legal terminology that applies to these cases and the process through which a wrongful death lawsuit is constructed and filed.

Since our firm handles many different types of personal injury cases, we are able to represent clients in wrongful death matters that occur within the areas listed below, as well as many others:

You do not have to face your situation alone. Our attorneys and staff work as a team, taking the time to listen to you and assess your situation to determine the best way to proceed, while keeping your best interests in mind.

Contact a lawyer at Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze, P.A. to schedule an appointment to discuss the possibility of filing a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the negligent party responsible for the fatal car accident or other accident that caused the death of your loved one. We offer flexible fee arrangements to suit our clients' needs.